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Thread: Lilium gets $90 million funding to build VTOL flying taxis

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    Re: Lilium gets $90 million funding to build VTOL flying taxis

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    Indeed, although i get the feeling people may have misinterpreted what i was trying to highlight, that IMO there's no such things as an all electric jet engine, that IMO such a thing would be called a ducted fan and that they probably just wanted to retain the "jet" nomenclature so people would feel more comfortable with the concept.
    Very probably. People should understand that a "jet" is a product of a propulsion system. The propulsion system could be almost anything, although a gas-turbine is what people colloquially refer to as a "jet engine". Even then, gas-turbines aren't always deployed as the primary source of thrust. In a turbo-prop they can actually face in the opposite direction of travel, with the gas-turbine jet efflux travelling forwards into a power-turbine which provides an input to a gearbox with a large propeller on the output stage of the gearbox. In that scenario we have the exact same power source but their is no "jet" to speak of.

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