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Yes, both will run a 480 movie and yes the i7 will deplete a battery faster, but the i7 will also run 4k and the n3150 will maybe even crash under the load, 1fps if you're lucky...
A 15W i7 isn't that impressive though which is the segment we are looking at here. It is a pity that AMD seem to have dropped their server core project, the AMD64 instruction set we get in PCs is pretty poor and register starved by modern standards so a full blown Ryzen with an ARM decoder on top should be faster than an i7 or server Xeon.

Set-top boxes run ARM or MIPS processors, and a Sky or TiVo box can run multiple video streams at the same time including 4K with downloads going on.

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Wouldn't trying to avoid all the extensions and their associated pattens be a bit like trying to tip-toe through a minefield, added to that is as you say how useful a 30 odd year old ISA would actually be for running modern day programs.
Well you have the feature bits on the processor to say which instructions etc the CPU can deal with so in theory software can pick their way through that minefield, but they might just throw up an alert saying "no SSE, not running". OTOH, if you want to run modern software then you can probably get that native so it is only really old programs that will want this emulation in the first place. I guess we shall see how many people complain

Me, I want one running Linux