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Thread: SteelSeries announces Arctis 3 Bluetooth (and wired) headset

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    SteelSeries announces Arctis 3 Bluetooth (and wired) headset

    Duo-mode headset works with PC, Mac, VR, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and mobile.
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    Re: SteelSeries announces Arctis 3 Bluetooth (and wired) headset

    I like the concept of being able to stream music from a device and play games on another, but it is a rather niche feature isn't it?

    As an Arctis 3 standard owner, for anyone who is interested, it's a very solid pick. Audio quality is good, mic is a definite improvement over my last, relatively comfortable, etc. If I had any complaints it's that: the special ear cushions they use don't like the arms of glasses much at all and you will almost certainly lose lower frequencies as the cushions push the output away from your ears and leave a gap. (I replaced them with the cushions from my ex-headset). Also it's too easy to breathe into the mic and deafen whoever you speak to. The software registration process also isn't great, though it offers virtualized surround (q. good) and some EQ / volume manipulation stuff for free, effects of which layer over native driver controls.

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