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Thread: Cooler Master shows off its M800 gaming series peripherals

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    Cooler Master shows off its M800 gaming series peripherals

    The MK851 keyboard features full analogue control via eight keys, including WASD keys.
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    Re: Cooler Master shows off its M800 gaming series peripherals

    Sooooo.... my headset volume is adjusted by a wheel on the keyboard.... while my mouse DPI and keyboard RBG is controlled by a wheel on the headset...

    Meanwhile the MMO mouse has just four buttons, all of which are on teh thumb and activate with a simple ├╝ber-fast thumb-rocking action.... which also occurs every time I move the mouse, being a claw-type gripper...

    Cooler Master will also initiate a beta program where users can get their hands on the series and provide feedback.
    Oh, oh, oh, pick me, pick me, pleasepleasepleaseplease....... I got some feedback for 'em!!

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