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Thread: Nvidia revenue up two thirds on data centres and video gaming

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    Nvidia revenue up two thirds on data centres and video gaming

    Growth in cloud computing and battle royale games behind great results.
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    Re: Nvidia revenue up two thirds on data centres and video gaming

    In the conference call following the results, Nvidia said that "Demand from cryptocurrency miners was stronger-than-expected in the first quarter and translated into revenue of $289 million," according to Bloomberg. However, this source of revenue is going to drop precipitously - "Crypto sales will probably fall by about two-thirds in the current fiscal quarter," admitted Nvidia.

    The coming quarter should thus see Nvidia GPU prices become a lot more accessible for PC gamers.

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    Re: Nvidia revenue up two thirds on data centres and video gaming

    Put into perspective this means nothing. Mining is very small compared to gaming revenue of 1.72B. They could axe mining it seems and gaming is more than making up for it up 68% revenue wise. So if you drop ~200mil off mining, and gaming grows yet more, you'll get NOTHING in pricing from the minding drop. It's clear more developed nations are buying stuff now that use gpus (ie, gaming is growing) and mining won't mean a thing if it totally tanks at this point. Gaming revenue up 68% (thats like 700mil or so with quick math) means 200mil drop is pointless right? Heck drop the whole 289mil and forget mining even exists and the growth from the gaming side means gpu problems for the foreseeable future right? I could be wrong here, but simple math seems to say 200mil does not equal gaming revenue increase of 700mil (roughly speaking here). Gaming gpu usage would have to tank to see what you're saying IMHO.

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