Moving over the PCI-Express isn't the easiest or cheapest of things to do right now. You'll need a new motherboard, maybe even new RAM, you'll probably want a new CPU at the same time and of course there's the new graphics card to throw in there to finish it off. So, it's good to see ATi bringing their high-end cards to AGP.

ATI Extends its Line of High-end Graphics Cards
PCI Express is rapidly replacing AGP in new PC's as the primary interconnect technology between the main processor and the graphics subsystem. These new AGP variants will allow users who have not yet upgraded to PCI Express to experience the same great performance and image quality.
Sapphire are also following this up with the announcement that they are set to launch these new cards.

Finishing off this round of press releases, Memorysolution are now distributing AENEON memory in EMEA.

Memorysolution begins EMEA distribution of AENEON memory
The modules, which are made by Infineon Technologies with state-of-the-art technology and have been 100% tested, are geared toward cost-conscious consumers looking to buy industry-standard PCs and notebooks.