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Thread: Microsoft readies Dictation for Word and OneNote Online

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    Microsoft readies Dictation for Word and OneNote Online

    In addition to AI-powered inking in Word and PowerPoint announced earlier this month.
    Read more.

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    Re: Microsoft readies Dictation for Word and OneNote Online

    Is this a new version .....
    ... included in the desktop versions of Office 356 apps via ....
    What are we supposed to do the other 9 days! Type?

    I suppose Dictate should prevent many typo's.

    More seriously, I was doing essentially this with Word and Dragon Dictate about, oh, a good 15 years ago, probably 20.

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    Re: Microsoft readies Dictation for Word and OneNote Online

    If they really want to support us dyslexics they could start by putting back into windows the feature that let you set the background colour of windows, which they took out in 8 and haven't put back in.

    Part of the reason I'm still on Win 7 at work so I can have a nice pale blue background in Word and Excel to help me with my work.

    No point being able to dictate my words into Word if I can't easily read them back because they insist on forcing a white background on me.

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