If ever there was a series that'd go down in history as being a flat out laugh riot to play, the Worms franchise would be strongly pushing for that honour.

In case you've been in suspended animation for the last ten years, Worms started off as a side on strategy/action/puzzle/blow the living hell out of stuff and other worms game.

Yes, I know that sounds completely mad but trust me, it really was a blend of all things as you took turns to control some cute ickle worms with the sole intent of killing all the oppositions cute ickle worms.

Weapons started off fairly normal with shotguns, bows and arrows, grenades and rocket launchers... then progressed to the insane with homing sheep, mad cows and the like.

Superb off the wall entertainment, with a nice unpredictability taht meant that half the time you'd take out yourself as well as the enemy...

But it was the way that the Codemasters and Team17 pulled it off that made the game a classic, with humour a plenty and so many little tricks and gems hidden in the game that it tooks months to get even remotely samey.

Now if you're itching for some more Worms action, the Codies are at it again with Worms Mayhem.
Sneaky snipers, explosive cows dropped from great heights, invertebrate vomit, pooping dinosaurs, jetpac-powered attacks, alien abductions and - yes! - dressing up as pirates ("Yaaarrr!")...
If that doesn't give you an idea of what to expect, nothing will.

Grab yerself a trailer of whats to come this Spring from www.codemasters.co.uk/worms and get ready for Mayhem.