XFX have informed us that a 512MB PCIe 6800 Ultra will be exhibited at CeBIT, with cards available to buy at the end of the month.

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Here at XFX we recognise the importance of continuing to innovate and push the bar for graphics performance for enthusiasts out there, we knew that two 6800 Ultra’s in their gaming Rig giving a total of 512mb of graphics memory, well frankly is just not enough! We could see the hardcore out there were hungry for more power – and we want to give it to them! These guys will be saying “I have the ultimate gaming rig; I have two 6800Ultra’s in SLI mode with a 1024MB of Graphics memory!” Possibly some envious friends?

So as usual XFX like to lead the way to delivering the latest technology first – As our customers have come to expect! We will be exhibiting this new product in SLI mode at our Extreme PC Garage at Cebit – We expect cards to be available towards the end of this month.

Cards are estimated to retail for around £699.00 each, with top priority for customers wanting to purchase for SLI setups or from XFX partners offering SLI systems – This will come bundled with Doom3, Farcry, X2-The Threat and Moto GP2.”
Nice if you've got the money and the urge for mega bragging rights.