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Thread: HEXUS Favourite Products of Year - 2018

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    HEXUS Favourite Products of Year - 2018

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    Re: HEXUS Favourite Products of Year - 2018

    I'll take a ryzen 7nm to go please 8-12 core only need apply for the job Might as well support my stock price in the process of getting a new cpu If the gpus and apus are decent I could be in for a gpu and a few htpc cpus too. But that gpu had better be FASTER than NV offering at same price and better watts/heat/noise or nope. HTPC/cpu much more forgiving (already in for AMD 7nm cpu at least), but no go on gpu if you're slower. You have to actually WIN >60% of the games to get my gpu money with good heat/watts because if you're 50-80w higher than NV at like perf, I'll get my money back paying more for NV anyway over 5-7yrs. $50-100 is easy to make up over that time in wattage costs these days. No I won't support my own stock just because here, gpu must win or I'll pass.

    But don't make me wait until xmas AMD! Get these things out the door.

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