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Thread: Oppo launches its Reno smartphone range

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    Oppo launches its Reno smartphone range

    Firm showed off the Reno Standard, Reno 10x Zoom, and Reno 5G devices.
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    Re: Oppo launches its Reno smartphone range

    So everything is awesome except the screen which, given the likely pentile array, is just too low a resolution for the size of the screen. I'm going to guess that the suppliers of the OLED screens also make phones and so only supply the really high res stuff to themselves and other companies are kept at a disadvantage. Makes sense and there might also be supply issues but if I were making a 6"+ phone for imaging, I'd make it 1440P OLED or, if I had to go 1080P, I'd go LCD.

    That being said, people are probably just getting their heads around OLED / LCD, never mind subpixel configurations.

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