Remember when people gawped at 300Watt PSUs? So now we have 600Watt PSUs... blimey! Pureoverclock review a 600W Enermax PSU. I've used nonames, Enermax, Antec and most recently Ultra power supplies. My Enermax PSU served me well with nay a hitch and they seem to be keeping with that trend.
If you have a solid 500w PSU there doesn’t seem to be much reason to upgrade to any 600w PSU at the moment, even for SLI. If you have a 400w or lower however, the Enermax is a very attractive purchase. This PSU appears to stack up well against the very best PSU’s out there and I’ll be keeping the Enermax in my system for some time before my Tagan gets another go!
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