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Thread: Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

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    Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

    Instead it is "really focused on doing incredible series and films," says its CEO.
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    Re: Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

    They need to stop accepting every script under the sun. Quite a lot of poor content on there, latest N Film I watched was The King. Poor choice of actors and a terrible script. The annoying thing is the production quality is quite good. Felt like a draft version of something that could have been exceptional. Though I will admit the main studios are falling into the same bag as well.

    They really need to up their game on Films if they want to stand out. I'd rather watch Seagal movies and that's saying something.

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    Re: Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

    Uhh I guess its because it's much harder to find gamers that will accept soft gay porn in every production.

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    Re: Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

    @AGTDenton Well THE KING is far from worst movie on Netflix, IMHO it is not a masterpiece, but enjoyable. But I agree that it would be harder for NETFLIX to adapt to different viewer tastes and still maintain high quality. I am eager to see THE WITCHER series and hope that quality will be maintened on high level because it is wonderful story to be told cinematically.

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    Re: Netflix isn't interested in making the 'Netflix for games'

    It's also not great that every show you do is SJW/diversity/LGBT. That is killing your subs, and cartoons (which I assume you do the same to, if not now then soon) won't save you. I can get old ones all day for free on roku/youtube/etc or small charges on older networks where they are not full of the crap you do today to indoctrinate kids (don't get me started on crazy school crap, 50% failure rates for all students in CA HS's, for $13K a year per kid? FAILURE).

    Can't go back now, hoping for more faith or family type networks to pop up or merge into one big new hollywood like netflix is becoming. Cmon trump, get together with all of hollywood conservatives, churches, etc, and start a whole production place up (cleanwood? christianwood?). Produce mostly hallmark type stuff (anime/cartoon or not), tons of christmas/holiday stuff and you'll surely have a HUGE draw from people wanting more little house on the prairie/smallville vs. all the new "MODERN" versions of all the new comic shows, etc. Never mind almost all new content is as previous poster said (DevDrake), basically soft gay porn in every show either out of the gate, or spread through seasons, or after your hooked at S3 etc...Any trick they can try, it's ridiculous. They are doing the same thing to gaming now, so thank god they decided to opt out so far (Beamdog comes to mind).

    Take all your modern REMAKES and shove them SJW people. I like Xena, etc just the way they were. I like the Lawyer in Jessica Jones as he was in the comics, a straight man, not lesbian woman on tv. I like that batwoman was a LOVE interest to BATMAN. Not a batchick-dude butch lesbian botanist activist. Great, so lesbian all day, the show hates me basically, & it will tell me I'm destroying the planet every few ep's while telling me how capitalism sucks (which oddly funds all her adventures, but never mind that point) and america has to be fixed, it's evil and everything is the white guy's fault. No thanks, keep all your new IP, altered remakes, etc if this is what you intend to shove down our pipes. We opt OUT.

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