I got "subscribed" to this on one of my email accounts. And I never signed up to it, as it's not available in the UK yet. So probably someone's used my email to sign up to it. So guess I'm one of the 24m subscribers!

Personally, I'm not too keen is subscribing to every service... the cost kinda adds up eventually. And this model of everyone wanting a slice of the cake, will make the cake run out pretty quickly. If I really like a Disney movie or the kids want to watch something, I'll just have to buy the Blu-Ray/DVD... as I do currently... unless it's already available on Prime.

I've seen this same thing in "games as a service" that a lot of AAA studios are trying to do. I'm not getting any like that, I pay enough to play my games... don't want another subscription. And that will eventually run it's course (I hope!), and think that'll be the same for all these networks and their subscriptions.