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I'm really enjoying using TrueNAS at the moment running off of trailing edge SuperMicro hardware, very powerful.
I did think about that, but decided (rightly or wrongly) that my primary objective was to get it up and running to use it, and that I could either buy a pre-built system, or rummage up the hardware, start downloading docs and build my own. A few years ago I'd have done exactly that, but now, I want the sertvices it offers (Emby/Jeellyfin, backups, large-scale (for the home) storage, etc, and the last thing I want is to spend any time that I don't have to setting it up. Still, I ended up spending time setting it up ..... but at least it's just learning to drive it, and part of that is learning to harden it up spme. Necessary evil, I guess.