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Outdated compared to what? I think Cold War multiplayer is excellent, particularly visually.
Sorry for the late reply

The cold war engine is old - and it really shows. Remember it's running on a modified version of the Black Ops 3 engine, which is basically a modified IW3.0 with the HDR/Raytracing parts of 8.0 smooshed in.

That means you get swimming (ok....) but you lose out of the moutning/vaulting systems from IW8.0, you lose the new physics engine, sound engine etc.

It's quite simply not as pretty to look at as Modern Warfare, and has a very cartoon style look to the visuals - not very polished or as realistic as we had with Modern Warfare. Thats fine if you prefer that look, but it feels a HUGE backwards step after playing Modern Warfare.

It's great news that Vanguard is based on the IW8 engine imo

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....and Zombies..Why?!
Because Zombies is one of the most popular parts of the franchise, and is certainly the best thing about Black Ops Cold War. It's a lot of fun once you get into it, particularly the easter egg hunts & the story....so much better than most of the mainline game's multiplayer modes.