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Thread: Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

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    Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

    But the firm isn't yet sure whether it will sell 'founders edition' cards directly.
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    Re: Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

    It's getting a bit late in the game isn't it to decide whether they want their own "founders" models?

    Also, it's quite telling about their Intel "7" node if supply is less constrained going with TSMC than their own node in either one of two ways:

    1. Using a TSMC node will impact Nvidia and AMD, even though it shouldn't it still means there is less material going around. It could be an excellent ploy to constrain their competitors even further than they already are.
    2. The Intel "7" node is heavily in use by their CPU and other designs meaning they couldn't ramp up fast enough for the GPU side of things. This was already likely a given because during Murthys departure they were already having to scrap plans for the 10nm node for their own GPUs.

    I believe it's a combination of both of the above because I would never put aside Intel being malicious in their competitiveness while also trying to spin their short comings as a positive.

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    Re: Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

    It's not necessarily just a case of capacity. A node being suitable and in fact heavily optimised for CPU production does not necessarily mean it is suitable for producing GPUs.

    Intel's reasoning for going with TSMC's N6 for their first generation of GPUs will be based on a load of reasons, and it implies neither malice nor severe capacity problems with "7" ramping. Though it doesn't exclude them either, but regarding the first, there's a major counter-point to that.

    TSMC are not stupid, they obviously see Intel as a short term customer who would prefer to make use of its own fabrication capacity where possible. They are not about to throw their long-term customers like AMD and Nvidia under the bus to help out essentially a competitor. These sort of capacity deals are planned long in advance and, while it could mean less theoretical capacity for others on the node, that is making the assumption that the capacity would have been purchased by them in the first place. TSMC has supposedly turned down exclusivity deals with Apple before today, in the name of remaining independent and open.

    Regarding capacity, it could well be a factor, but it doesn't imply anything catastrophically wrong with the node either. Intel will be in early ramp for their 7 node and GPUs eat a LOT of capacity per die vs CPUs, hence AMD's recent prioritisation of CPUs, given the wafer allocation available to them. Early ramp typically implies lower volume and high defect density, so it is quite reasonable to produce the large GPUs at TSMC until they have their own capacity situation under control.

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    Re: Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

    just a thought maybe a try before xmas .. they just might be able to do it .. ?
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    Re: Raja Koduri: Intel has shipped Arc Alchemist reference designs

    Sell direct please, one per house/visa, if only to slow down the miners.

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