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Thread: Horror Squad: A PC AND Mac game!

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    Horror Squad: A PC AND Mac game!

    Spectre Software are working on a supernatural squad-based tactical game for both PC and Mac.

    Face off against the terrifying Wolfman, mighty Frankenstein and the ancient Mummy using pistols, automatic rifles, bazookas, swords and shotguns! Send these legendary beasts back to hell!
    Woah, calm down fella... looks like the press release guy has been on the caffeine, eh?

    Interestingly, Horror Squad takes a tip from the superb Laser Quest series with a real turn based system. Turn based strategy always brings tactics to the fore and, in my opinion, still has a place in modern gaming though it's often overlooked for the sake of an instant rush... Seems Spectre SOftware agree with me, so that's alright then!

    Horror Squad is a true strategy game, it uses a turn based gameplay system - theres no 'tank rush' here like in real time strategy games - if you win, its because you had a plan. This is real strategy.
    And the oft overlooked Mac user gets a look in too, so everyone's happy...

    Horror Squad can be played against the computer or multiplayer in a hotseat mode and is a cross platform, PC and Mac, game.
    More information, screenshots and a downloadable demo version are available at

    And if moving that mouse and clicking a few links is too much like hard work for you, here's a some screenies...

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    Nice recommendation, this game rocks

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