Today Gecube have launched two new Radeon X700 Pro products. The first is a 512MB model. We discussed what 512MB can offer the market recently here at HEXUS and it seems that more and more products sporting half a gig of graphics RAM are surfacing. Gecube haven't stopped there, however, introducing a SilenCool version of the 512MB X700. We reviewed a 256MB SilenCool X700 back in February. Here's a snip from Gecube's press release:
The GECUBE RADEONĀ® X700 Professional 512MB PCI Express SilenCoolTM series graphics cards include GECUBE's advanced SilenCoolTM Heatpipe design for drastically reduced noise generated by high-performance graphics processing, providing users with a noise free operating environment. With their one-slot architecture design, the GECUBE RADEON X700 Professional SilenCoolTM graphics cards allow for other peripherals such as PCIe x1. In addition, the GECUBE RADEON X700 Professional SilenCool's dual-sided heatsink design provides the most effective heat dispersion to guarantee system stability under long durations of time.

Read the full press release.