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Thread: Computex 2K5:: ATi Crossfire Spun?

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    Computex 2K5:: ATi Crossfire Spun?

    While most of the graphics talk at Computex centres on ATI's Crossfire, it could be months before the consumer can buy it. Talking to an ATI board partner revealed that while it's on show at Computex, it's on show using engineering sample silicon and a driver that's not quite ready, and they fully expect it'll be sometime in July before they have final product to push out and a driver to rely on.
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    It probably does not have to hurry out the door before r520 anyhow because people will wait to see how the r520 and G70 do before plumping one way or another on which motherboard they will be buying in relation to what card and what permuations they can do.



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