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Thread: VIA Eden Platform Powers New HP Thin Clients

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    VIA Eden Platform Powers New HP Thin Clients

    With local area networks faster and more flexible than ever before, coupled with a desire for centrally managed information and cheap workstations, thin clients are back in fashion. OK, so sometimes they're just not the right solution, but for a lot of businesses thin clients can be very cost effective. VIA has announced a deal with HP to ship their Eden processors HP's latest thin client products.
    The new range of HP Compaq thin clients feature the highly energy-efficient VIA Eden ESP processor with ultra-low thermal profile, enabling higher performance in a small form factor and fanless design, and feature 128MB RAM and up to 256MB Compact Flash that offers enough storage memory for most current firmware and future updates and upgrades.
    Small, quiet and efficient... that's the direction everyone wants computing to be heading and it looks like HP and VIA are taking it that way, for some tasks at least. Still, I think I'll stick with my behemoth of a UT2004 gaming machine over an efficient thin client, but I'm not exactly the 'corporate user' thin clients are aimed at.

    Read VIA's press release.
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    Nice. I'm evaluating thin-client solutions for work now, but I'm up against a war with people who want the right to destroy their computers with dodgy ISPs, kids' games and general malware. Laptops and wireless notworks have basically destroyed our previously flawless well managed network - users want 'their' PC, though they dont' want it to be their problem when it takes 20 mins to boot or kills the network with p2p traffic.

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