Over the last few days I've noticed this room getting rather warm. Overclocks and warm ambients do not mix. I moved off watercooling a couple of months ago following a device failure (not linked to the cooler, but the hassle of putting the w/c back in was too much at the time.) However, it's about time I went back to water. Sure, it probably won't help room temperatures, but i'll keep my overclock trundling along.

If you need a new way to keep your PC cool this summer, then QuietPC have some new products which might be worth checking out. Here's what they have to say:

Zalman Reserator1-Plus Fanless Water Cooling System - £159.00

Check out the HEXUS.review of the Reserator 1 (not the plus version) and also a HEXUS.feature from CTS on the Reserator 1 Plus.

The impressive cylindrical tower acts as a reservoir whilst simultaneously radiating heat!

As an updated version of the Reserator1, the Reserator1-Plus has many great improvements including the change of colour from Blue to Black. The main features of the cooler are:

1 – An improved CPU water block – ZM-WB3 GOLD
2 – A new VGA water block – ZM-GWB2
3 – Anti-corrosion coolant – ZM-G100
4 – Quick releasing fittings

The Reserator1-Plus is designed for optimal heat dissipation using Zalman’s Heat Capacity Extrusion Technique (HCET). As a result this cooler achieves excellent cooling performance using natural convection, making the Reserator1-Plus the world’s most efficient and more importantly silent water cooling system.

Unlike any aircooled system, the Reserator1-Plus has the ability to keep a processor at just a few degrees above room temperature, regardless of CPU speed - giving tremendous potential for reliability and overclocking!


Zalman Anti-Corrosion Coolant ZM-G100 - £14.00

This has been designed to prevent corrosion to the reserator, or a system from another manufacturer, and also other material it may come into contact with, including copper, aluminium and plastic. Although this provides piece of mind for long term operation it is to be used in conjunction with distilled water only!

Please note that if you are thinking of purchasing the Zalman RESERATOR1-PLUS, there is no need to buy a ZM-G100 because one is already included in the Reserator kit.


Scythe Shogun Heatlane CPU Cooler, with 120mm fan - £49.00

Scythe’s latest high end CPU cooler, the Shogun, has a similar design to the NCU-2005. The difference is that where the NCU-2005 has 16 horizontal fins the Shogun has a total of 52. This gives the Shogun a massive surface area which helps to dissipate the heat away from the CPU.

Scythe Shogun Heatlane CPU Cooler, with 120mm fanAlso supplied with the Shogun is an extremely quiet120mm Hydro Bearing fan. At its minimum speed of 700 RPM it produces only 20 dB(A) and at its maximum speed of 1600 RPM it is still reasonably quiet at 32 dB(A).

If you are the owner of one of the latest Socket 775 Pentium 4 CPU’s, or have an Athlon 64 FX55, then the Shogun Heatlane CPU cooler is the answer if you want to considerably reduce the noise generated! Even at minimum speed the Scythe Shogun is capable of cooling any CPU currently available!


Scythe Ninja Fanless Heatpipe CPU Cooler - £35.00

This new cooler truly provides cutting-edge performance!

The Ninja is a 100% passive heatsink, making it, from a noise point of view, silent. Instead of using a heatlane to transfer the heat away from the CPU and to the surrounding fins, the Ninja uses six heatpipes.

As with all fanless coolers the Ninja is restricted to the type of CPU you are intending to use with it. If your CPU is a Pentium 4 Northwood (any speed), or an Athlon 64 3500+ or lower, a fanless cooler is recommended. If however you intend to use the cooler with a socket 775 processor or a CPU faster than an Athlon 64 3500+ then the installation of a 120mm fan is suggested. The Ninja comes with two retaining clips that allow a 120mm fan to be installed.