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Thread: R520 Available In Volume Mid-3Q, R580 in 2006

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    R520 Available In Volume Mid-3Q, R580 in 2006

    We've not even seen R520 yet, but we're already talking about its successor. As expected, R520 will be along in Mid-3Q, following manufacturing issues which are close to being resolved. R580 is expected to rear its head in early 2006. ATI's R520, R530 and RV515 chips are set to keep TSMC busy.
    The upcoming launch of ATI’s three 90nm graphics chips is expected to boost overall 90nm output from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), industry sources suggested. Although less than 4% of TSMC’s sales came from 90nm technology in the second quarter of 2005, the percentage should grow to more than 10% by the fourth quarter, according to Rick Tsai, CEO of TSMC.
    [Digi Times]
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    Well apparently they have just re-spun which means a min of 3 months.

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