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Thread: Yahoo launches SMS Search

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    Yahoo launches SMS Search

    Chasing Google, Yahoo has launched a new SMS Search facility. Text in your queries and Yahoo will reply with the results. From Internet News:
    Available shortcuts are: local information, WiFi hotspot finder, weather, stock quotes, daily horoscopes, dictionary definitions, and zip and area code lookup. They'll receive a text message with the results in reply. The SMS response from will include a URL linking to Yahoo's mobile Internet search if more information is needed.
    Currently this is only available to US mobile users. Has anyone used Google or Yahoo's SMS Search services? If so, let us know what you thought of it.
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    Used googles services...
    Its by the 180chars of a text they tend to send more than one...
    A bit spammy cause your inbox etc fills up pretty quickly...
    It was alright though.

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