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Thread: ULi M1695 PCIe/AGP Socket 939 for Athlon 64

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    ULi M1695 PCIe/AGP Socket 939 for Athlon 64

    Think of a chipset for an AMD Athlon 64. You probably thought nForce, or maybe of something VIA, and just perhaps, ATi. I bet you didn't think of ULi though, did you?

    Anandtech recently took a look at ULi's new M1695 chipset, which has a few nifty features up its sleeve. The most notable capability of this chipset is the AGP and PCIe support. This time we're dealing with real AGP, not something based on a couple of PCI ports tied together. Better still, you can simultaneously run a PCI, AGP and PCIe graphics card - nifty!
    ULi did a great job with their new PCIe/AGP chipset. If you are in the market for a new Socket 939 board, then boards based on the ULi M1695/M1567 should definitely be on your shopping list. If you by chance plan to use AGP on your new PCIe board, then ULi M1695/M1567 is the only board that you should have on your shopping list. This AGP on PCIe really works, there are no compromises, and you will not be disappointed.
    Performance is fair too, so this chipset could mean big things for ULi. Check out Anandtech's review.
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    This looks like an absolutely stunning product. Want. NOW.

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