The Inquirer is exploring just some of the things people have got their PSP to do. This thing is far from your average handheld console, with more hardware hacks than you can shake a hardware hacked stick at.
There's a lot more to the PSP than Lumines - first up, we have the unofficial Snes9x emulator for the PSP. Exciting news for fans of almost-but-not-quite-retro gaming, who can stick their favourite games (in rom format, of course) onto their PSPs. With the help of a memory stick and's handy newbie guides, you can be playing your old SNES favourites on the move. Another guide definitely worthy of note is this one, which will tell you all you need to know about playing UMD based games off of your memory stick.

Another interesting development is PSP FTPD, a simple FTP server for your PSP. Using WiFi you can send (legal) files around to all of your PSP-owning buddies without the need for carting cables around.