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Thread: Shuttle Launches 300W SFF PSU

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    Shuttle Launches 300W SFF PSU

    The power supplies in Shuttle's XPC's are well noted for their ability to handle loads that similarly rated PSUs would choke under. This is partly down to the PSU being designed to work in the heat of an XPC. However, even the venerable 250W Silent X PSU has its limits. Enter a new 300W model, to satisfy the needs of the greediest components you might want to put in your XPC.
    The PC50 provides the additional power needed to satisfy the demands of high power graphics cards and large capacity storage devices. It is the optimal solution for power users wanting to upgrade without compromising the stability, low-noise, and portability of the XPC.

    You'll find two SATA power connectors on the new model, a welcome addition given the increased SATA drive uptake from consumers.

    Shuttle say we can expect to see these PSUs to be available in as little as two weeks.

    Check out the official product page and press release for more info.
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    Must have shuttle upgrade!!!!

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