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Thread: interview with DivX - any suggested questions?

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    786 times in 355 posts interview with DivX - any suggested questions?

    We've got an interview lined up early next week with Eric Grab of DivX, the company behind what's said to be the world’s most popular video technology.

    DivX has been dubbed the MP3 of video - though in our experience, the quality, relatively speaking, is better. Videos created in DivX format can be surprisingly good even though the files are considerably smaller (sometimes far smaller) than the originals.

    We'd like to have your input on the questions we put to DivX about the many exciting developments that the company's technology makes possible
    - and, of course, about digital rights management or anything else relevant you think we should discuss.

    What are these "exciting developments"?

    Well, at one end, they include playing high definition videos on PCs that aren't fast enough to handle Windows Media versions of such files - and you might be shocked just how powerful a PC is needed to play 1440x1080 Windows Media video files.

    For DivX HD, though, you'll still probably need a 2.4GHz PC with 384MByte RAM and a graphics card with 64MByte of video RAM.

    At the other end, you might want to shrink and convert a high-res movie trailer you've downloaded to a video format suitable for playing on a handheld device or for emailing via a modem.

    If this seems interesting but you've just returned to planet Earth and don't know about DivX, then go here as a starting point:

    You'll be able to download the latest free player and grab some clips to try out.

    If you want to take things further, you'll also be able to download the 15-day trial versions of the company's inexpensive (US$20) DivX-creating software - and then make DivX versions of your own footage.

    If your PC does have the required spec (and you've got ADSL or are very patient), then do check out the DivX HD stuff, perhaps starting with the 1280x720 trailer of the Madagascar cartoon, which shows off the technology very well. Go here for a list of HD downloads:

    Please post your questions and comments to the thread you're now reading .

    Oh, and yes, like you, we were thinking what a wonderfully appropriate surname Eric has!

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    Could you ask Eric for his thoughts on XviD? Also, could you ask him what future they have planned for HD-DivX devices and productions?

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    I've been a big fan of DivX from the early days right up to DivX 6. All the DVD players in my house are KiSS DivX players...

    However, i'm not impressed with DivX 6, and more importantly, the abolishion of Dr. DivX, and its replacement with DivX create.

    It's just far, far too over simplified, and removes all the power that the end user had with Dr. DivX... So I guess my question would be, why? Why get rid of Dr. DivX, which could be painfully simple, if you didn't want to fiddle around with the more in depth settings, but also a very powerful application, if you wanted it to be.

    From one angry DivX user >:|

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    What happened to all the other qs. from that big thread?

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