I'm still trudling along on four 80GB disks in RAID 5, but oh boy I wish I had a few of the beauties reviewed by GD Hardware. A 500GB Hitachi, 400GB Seagate and 300GB Maxtor.
Seagate seems to have the most “well-rounded” offering here – a good mix of just about everything we look for in a drive. Capacity, performance (it leads in HD Tach’s Average read speed and CPU utilization), quietness and warranty support. This drive is widely available everywhere and would do anyone proud in their PC.

There are no real losers here and will simply fall down to personal choice on your end while deciding. That said, our personal overall favorite – due to the reasons outlined above – we give the slight nod to Seagate.
Good to see Seagate still doing good, although never quite the leader in terms of performance for desktop hard drives. Still, their customer support is good and I myself will continue to purchase their drives.