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Thread: Beer: It saves you from radiation

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    Beer: It saves you from radiation

    You already knew that beer was wonderful, didn't you? Researchers at the Tokyo University of Science and from the National Institute of Radiological Sciences have now proven it. According to these boffins, beer reduces the affect radiation has upon chromosomes. The Inquirer reports:
    Researchers are hoping that the discovery will lead to a new radiation drug being developed, or at least a more party friendly atmosphere in the hospital wards.

    Blood samples were taken from lucky test subjects before and after they had drunk about 630ml of beer. Apparently, when the samples were exposed to X-rays and other types of radiation, after the subjects had glugged the beer their samples showed at least 30% fewer aberrations in the blood cells.
    Drink beer, for your cells' sake!
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    I'll drink to that one!

    Just come back from a nice friday pub lunch down here, gorgeous steak, lovely weather.

    Now in order to make this work I must constantly have beer flowing through my system.

    *pulls out drip*

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