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Thread: Quantic Dream and Ageia Physx

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    Quantic Dream and Ageia Physx

    For an interesting read and to find out about what this addon card can actually do (If you dont know about it already ! ) head over to PC Perspective . Yeah its dated May 05 but its quite comprehensive and gives you a good idea of its capabilities !

    Now then ! Quantic Deam, a french developer brought us The Nomad Soul a greatly underated game back in 1999 when it was released and shortly due for a sequel. Not forgetting their up and coming title Farenheit released through Atari.

    Now, more interesting to the point and going back to The Nomad Soul which I mentioned was due for a sequel ! At the moment it is titled Karma, unfortunately I cant find anything online about this game except an official statement on it using this new Ageia Physx addon card !

    "Real-time interactive physics enabled by the AGEIA PhysX processor provides a whole new dimension to the entirely real-time 3D world that we are developing for KARMA,” said Guillaume de Fondaumière, chief operating officer of Quantic Dream. “The AGEIA PhysX SDK has enabled us to add pervasive physical interactivity to environments, effects and even gameplay for players of KARMA, especially those who have PCs equipped with the AGEIA PhysX processor,” said David Cage, the founder and creative mind behind Quantic Dream."

    Read the full press release here.

    All in all if this addon card can do what it claims to do them our gaming lives will change for the better and move towards more realistic images. Question is who will actually buy one, will it get full support from a wide range of developers. We are all quite fickle when it comes to something new in the PC market. Will ATI and Nvidia start upping the ante and add technology like this to their builds ?

    Only time will tell !

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    Will the PhysX be PCI-X only i take it?
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    i doubt ati or nvidia will add this sorta stuff to their cards, a combined PPU and GPU card would be huge!

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    At this time, NVIDIA are 'watching' how the PPU market develops but have no intention of making a PPU ora combined PPU/GPU... The source of this info? HEXUS.gaming !

    However, in a chat with Intel today, they said that their dual core CPUs could be ideally suited to physics processing in future games... but there's a whole article in the pipeline for that one!
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