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Thread: PC Partner ramps up shipments of latest motherboard

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    PC Partner ramps up shipments of latest motherboard

    PC Partner, responsible for the manufacture of the majority of ATI based discrete graphics cards and mainboards has issued a press release announcing that it is ramping up production of its elegantly named RS482MK9-A64S motherboard.

    Based on the ATI RADEON Xpress 200 chipset, Socket 939 processors are supported, and with a Radeon X300 onboard, along with a PEG slot, PC Partner are pitching this board as the ideal solution for system builders and the OEM channels.

    The motherboard's combination of micro-ATX form factor, the chipset capabilities and onboard graphics does lend itself to mass market systems, so this board could be cropping up in a lot of pre-built systems hitting the market.

    Full board specs can be found in PC Partner's press release, and to learn a bit more about PC Partner, read our article titled "Everyone's PC Partner?" which we brought to you during CEBIT 2005.
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    That board layout looks absoloutely terrible, they could have took a look at other manufactorers boards which have already been released (ie MSI Version). Saying that MSI's board retails around £60, so if they can get this out cheaper i can see people buying it.

    Though as you say it'll be most likely system builders and OEM channels who would buy this motherboard.
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