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Thread: Epox's Socket-754 SLI motherboard lands in the UK

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    Epox's Socket-754 SLI motherboard lands in the UK

    Some of our readers may recall our initial HEXUS.headline on Epox's EP-8NPA-SLI, which at the time looked to be an interesting and maybe even feasible cheap SLI upgrade solution. Epox has now announced that the product has shipped to a UK trade distributor, so we can expect stock appearing in UK stores.
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    I just received one of these boards, although I won't be using it in SLI just yet, it's a handy option to have.

    All the reviews I've picked up on for socket 754 / pci-e boards seem to suggest it's for building budget systems. Surely there's a bigger market for people with good A64's in socket 754 for whom there is no need to upgrade the CPU, but are stuck for a decent AGP upgrade.

    I went from a DFI nf3 board and 9800Pro to this Epox board and 7800GT. I haven't had a chance to push and see how it goes yet, but I've no doubt this is a good set-up and leaves me more room to upgrade before I finally get forced over to a new socket when I upgrade the cpu.

    I'll post up some benchmarks when I've finished.

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