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Thread: InterVideo DVD Copy 4 promises easy DVD backups

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    InterVideo DVD Copy 4 promises easy DVD backups

    DVD Copy 4 from InterVideo promises to make make it a simple three-step process to convert non-copy-protected DVD Video discs to DiVx 6, Windows Media Video and even Sony PSP Video format.

    InterVideo, Inc. (NASDAQ: IVII) announced InterVideo DVD Copy 4, the latest release of its award-winning, three-step software for making high-quality copies of unencrypted CDs, DVDs, video, music, photo and data files.
    And, judging by the few hours hands on we've had with the trial, that promise may well be true. Read the party line - which has more details - and look out while you're there for the link to a 14-day trial download, so you can check out the claims for yourself.

    Bob C
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