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Thread: Best practical joke ever - nominations required!

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    Best practical joke ever - nominations required!

    There's a turgidly unfunny article on about practical jokes.

    I tell you this for two reasons.

    First so that you can - if you can be bothered to write a 750 word article - nominate your fave in that site's competition for the "finest prank in history".

    Far more important than this, though, it give me the chance to let you know about MY fave (more of that below) and suggest that this thread be the start of's own practical-joke competition.

    As a pupil at a minor English boarding school, one of the rituals your correspondent dreaded most was morning chapel: 600 boys and a dozen berobed “masters” crammed into a cold, dim chamber for ten minutes of dreary hymns and prayers. Until, that is, one morning, the solemn atmosphere was shattered by an unforgettable act of comic bravado. Seconds after the headmaster—known as the Head Horse on account of his equine features—took his seat, a giant white sheet rolled down over the arched entrance. On it was a caricature of a grinning horse wearing a mortar-board. Lord, how we laughed.

    we invite readers to nominate their contender for the finest prank in history, explaining in 750 words why it deserves the title, to reach us by January 20th. The three best entries will be announced in February and published on
    More here.

    Now, for my fave - getting airport-information announcers to read out spoof messages which, IMHO (in my humorous opinion), are dangerously funny and should NOT be listened to while drinking or eating for fear you'll hurt yourself or do damage to your PC.

    Dive over to Funny-ecards and make sure not to miss No.5.

    Oh, and I hope it goes without saying that we'd like to share YOUR favourite practical jokes with us and nominate them for our competition.

    Once we get some goodies I'll start up a voting thread and see if I can't come up with a suitably silly prize for the winner.

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    My favourite practical joke.... so far

    Yes, I know I had a hand in writing it, but a little self-promotion never hurt anyone...
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    "OH OOOOHH oOOHHHHHHHOOHHHHHHH FILL ME WITH YOUR.... eeww not the stuff from the lab"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick
    My favourite practical joke.... so far

    Yes, I know I had a hand in writing it, but a little self-promotion never hurt anyone...
    Nah, this one is better, because it wasn't even a practical joke, it was just a humerous article, but some of the muppets commenting over at Slashdot were taking it seriously. All this, and the Slashdot post was in the category "It's funny, laugh".

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