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Thread: 2005 - A year in the life of HEXUS

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    2005 - A year in the life of HEXUS

    We take an irreverent look back over the past year, highlighting the escapades of the HEXUS crew in their many and varied exploits all around the world the world.

    You need to check out this Year in the life of HEXUS article to see just why the above picture is relevant....
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    Its been a great year here at HEXUS, we seen a change in the way the forums look. At first this was met with confusion by many but as David did say it works better and lo and behold it does, easier to navigate and alot faster / streamlined.

    HEXUS Gaming has been getting bigger and better as the months pass us by, seeing some really good articles and some great unbiased reviews of the big titles like Black & White 2.

    Its really good seeing the console reviews on HEXUS Gaming and Steve is doing a great job of keeping us up to date with everything Xbox related.

    I've been a forum mod at HEXUS for a good few years now and have loved every minute of it since I came here, like Nick mentioned in the article I am now working for the team and will be covering PC game reviews on a part time basis. This is something that I love doing and I couldn't and wouldn't pick a better team to be working with.

    Heres to a great 2006 for HEXUS and everyone involved with keeping the site fresh and interesting on a daily basis, especially not forgetting the readers and forum contributors

    Personal thanks go out to David, Nick and not forgetting good old Zak33 for literally just being there when I've needed to vent some steam !

    Iain M

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    That pic is a classic! Why were they all over you?

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    Because I'm gay?

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    "Also on the team on a part time basis is Ian M, the artist formerly known as Ferral from the forums. He’s a bit of a keen PC gamer, which will help out"

    Well done Ferral.

    Well, I'm determined to pick my writing career back up in 2006 (even if it isn't with hexus) - Nick seems to think I've still got 'it' so it's time to start scouring the gaming press again...
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