Press release

Prize Fight is pleased to announce the launch of its live site on January 10th – and to celebrate the launch they are offering £5 to the first 300 people to sign up.

Prize Fight enables gamers to play big-budget online games for cash prizes. Currently offering Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Prize Fight is rapidly expanding its repertoire to include not only First-Person Shooters but also driving and sports simulation titles.

Prize Fight operates much like a poker site but with popular online PC games instead. Gamers pay an entrance fee to participate, with the combined entrance fees (minus a nominal rake) forming the prize pot available to be shared amongst the winners.

Gamers can register on the site for free and then gain access to a programme of events which acts much like a TV schedule, enabling them to choose from a list of games to play at a time which suits them. To begin with, events will be run every day between 4pm to 12midnight – with plans to adopt a 24/7 gaming schedule in the near future.

Prize Fight also operates a dynamic seeding model which rates players on past performance and pitches them against other players of equivalent skill - thus providing a realistic opportunity for anyone to win, as well as providing an intensely enjoyable gaming experience in the process - prompting one Beta Tester, Flex, to say: "Playing on Prize Fight gives me such an adrenaline rush, I'll never play on public (servers) again."

Furthermore, Prize Fight takes the threat of cheating very seriously indeed. As well as implementing the full range of traditional anti-cheating methodologies, Prize Fight has gone one step further and has hired one of the world's foremost cheat-writers to code their own, second-to-none, cheat-detection software.

Prize Fight looks forward to opening its doors and welcoming in gamers and a new era in gaming.