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Thread: Get in the ZON - around-the-home audio system to die for

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    Get in the ZON - around-the-home audio system to die for

    HEXUS head-honcho David Ross was walking around the Aladdin's Cave that is the Vegas CES when, WAM!, he stumbles upon the around-the-home audio system of his dreams.

    But, let David himself tell you the story...

    I have been hunting around for an easy way to route music around my home - I have had enough of having music on a server, or the radio on and only having the option to turn up the audio to hear it in other rooms. The worst thing is my office is on the same floor as my bathroom so if I want to have music on in the bathroom, I have to turn up the audio in the office, which ends up flooding the entire house with sound.

    Walking around CES, we found a solution which appears to do exactly what I am trying to achieve. The ZON system is composed of four key components - audio input, speakers, some network cable, and a ZON system… and this is all you need to get sound all through your house, from any input you choose.
    Check out David's report and let us know if you can, why the company's world-wide distributor, Klipsch, appears to have no ZON resellers in the UK, even though it has them in many other European countries.
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