Responding to the Merrill Lynch report we covered yesterday, Sony is denying that the launch of the PlayStation 3 will be delayed, according to The Seattle Times.

Trouble is, the ML report talked about delays to the Japanese and US launches but - judging by The Seattle Times piece - Sony spokesman Kei Sakaguchi has not commented about what's happening in the USA, saying only, "the plan to release the video-game console in Japan this spring has not changed".
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Our eagle-eyed gaming guys alerted us to the story in The Seattle Times and their own headline also pointed out something that we should have noticed yesterday - that Merrill Lynch's bill-of-materials analysis for the PS3 actually totals $800, not $900 as the report states!

Mind you, $800 still seems a scary amount and Sony isn't commenting at all about build costs.

Oh, and any comments might best go in the original forum thread about the ML report.