Well the time is nearly upon us again, a full 23 halls of technological marvels. CeBit 2006 is very nearly here.

HEXUS has grown massively as a company over the last year and we have more staff than ever, bringing you the very latest news and reviews, and CeBit 2006 will be no different.

Our coverage will start from first thing Thursday the 9th of March and will last through until the Sunday. We hope to bring you all the highs and lows of the show, but moreso, more of the quality content you expect from us.

With more people on the floor than ever from HEXUS you will be hard pressed to keep up with us as we anticipate and busy week, so make sure you stop on by and see what reports we have from the show.

This forum is has been specifically setup so you can easily find the HEXUS coverage of the event and the stories will be posted within the appropriate sections of HEXUS.net, HEXUS.gaming and HEXUS.lifestyle.

Only HEXUS staff can start threads but anyone is open to reply, this is so we keep it all tidy and easy to find for new readers.

We hope you enjoy the coverage from CeBit 2006, and would like to thank XFX for supporting our coverage of the show.

Team HEXUS.net