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Thread: Microsoft Origami is new category of ultra-mobile PCs

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    Microsoft Origami is new category of ultra-mobile PCs

    As expected, the pay-off for Microsoft teaser campaign for Origami was delivered at CeBIT today, revealing, also as expected, that Origami is a new category of ultra-mobile PCs.

    Microsoft unveils details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers

    Introduced at CeBIT, the new mobile PC form factor, formerly codenamed “Origami,” provides full Windows functionality with an enhanced touch screen, pen and keyboard input.

    HANNOVER, Germany, March 9, 2006 – Microsoft today unveiled details for Ultra-Mobile Personal Computers (UMPCs), a new category of mobile computing devices that features small, lightweight, carry-everywhere hardware designs coupled with the full functionality of a Microsoft Windows-based PC and a choice of input options, including enhanced touch-screen capabilities. The debut of UMPCs here at CeBIT, the world’s largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions, follows Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates’ call in 2005 for the computer industry to develop a new category of PCs that are less expensive, lighter and more functional.

    Asus UMPC

    Samsung UMPC

    For more pics and Microsoft's official line, dive over here.

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    I was really looking forward to this. I was anticipating the Vulcan Flipstart (which seems to be vapour-hard-ware) and the ODO portable PCs, but they seemed to be compromises on performance and functionality. When I heard about this, I thought my portable PC dreams had been answered and I'd finally get a full PC in my hands...

    It's HUGE! Looking at the pics on MS' website, it looks a tad smaller than the size of a normal tablet PC. This is not what the intel mockups showed, and it is not what I was hoping for.

    I'm sure they'll get smaller in time, but Msoft are going to struggle to market them to anyone other than enterprise users, which is not what they are aiming for according to the interview.

    One disappointed potential customer here .

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    I agree. One article suggested that these things could replace portable media (ie: MP3) players. Why would I carry that thing around to listen to music when I could have an iPod with the same capacity? It'd be like having one of the early mobile phones instead of a modern one.

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    IF pricing is as they say £500 - £600 then it will be a real alternative, howerver i can see that it will end up at £1000 and two people use them. Also battery of 2 hours!! that really sucks, this is what be need fuel cells for ahem toshiba - where are they - i want them now NOW

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