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    We get stuck into the second week of the new HEXUS.sharewatch feature (in which I get a logo... nice!). Have the big tech companies performed well on the stock market?
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    Interesting stuff.

    I've just started looking at shares myself, so this sharewatch feature will be an interesting read. Tech shares seem expensive at the moment, compared to say a year ago. Nvidia in particular would have been a good investment 12 months ago, it looks like it has since tripled in price!

    Intel and AMD both have new architecture coming soon, so their share price might do better in the coming months. I'm not sure which side to bet on.

    Microsoft looks interesting though. It's been quite steady over the last year or so and looks relatively cheap. Could become interesting once Vista hits?

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    my money is on intel, if conroe pulls it off. But its too much like gambling for me to cough it up.
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    I currently think a long Intel/ short AMD pair trade looks to be a good bet for over the next quarter or two. Conroe should help to pull intel's numbers around and AM2 doesn't offer much more than a steady as she goes from AMD (Intel is also more diversified and the increasing NB of laptop over desktop sales should also help).

    for those who are not sure what a pair trade is - it is a common strategy that's esp. popular in falling markets and tends to be used mainly by hedge funds. The basic logic is you buy the shares of one company and sell (short) the other. typically, the shares shorted will operate in the same sector (or at least have highly correlated returns) Your profit is based on the relative performance of the shares against each other. The overall direction of the market doesn't impact on your pnl, hence it's popularity in weak markets when profits are more difficult to find.

    P.S - standard disclosures apply. this is not a solicitation to buy or sell any securities. views expressed are authors own and do not represent view of firm he is employed by. share prices can move up or down and no guarantee of return is made or implied (etc. etc. I know the last bit sounds all pedantic, but there has been a specific court case recently that make me feel it prob. necessary to put it in...)

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