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Thread: E3 2006 round-up

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    E3 2006 round-up

    With E3 2006 less than a week away (it starts next Wednesday), the press releases and announcements are coming thick and fast.

    Keep up with all the latest E3 news in our E3 2006 Forum.

    And here's a quick round-up of today's stories:

    Which E3 press conference would you attend?

    Metal Slug Anthology on Wii

    Super Dragon Ball Z announced

    New 3D monitor to be used in GGL competition

    First 3 screenshots of Full Auto: Battlelines on the PS3

    Namco Bandai's E3 2006 Line-up

    Sonic coming to the PSP

    CDV's E3 2006 Line-up

    New Call of Duty levels for Xbox 360

    That's just a few of the latest stories, so check out the E3 forum for the rest and be sure to hit the E3 2006 Event section for all the latest stories as soon as we get them!
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