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Thread: Beatles lose first-round court battle with Apple

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    Beatles lose first-round court battle with Apple

    The Beatles have lost the first round in the latest of a long series of court battles over Apple Computer's use of an apple logo in music-related business, according to the BBC. This time, the argument is about iPods, iTunes and the iTunes store.

    Find out more in this HEXUS.headline then let us have your thoughts about the Apple v Apple squabbles.

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    I think the Beatles (good as their music is) are being awfully arrogant and petty about this, i can only assume that the reason they want to take the apple logo from iTunes is because they feel that something of theirs is being lost (and it isn't too clear what that is). Also, the BBC article said something about a deal:

    'They claimed the US firm broke a deal aimed at ensuring there would not be two Apples in the music industry.'

    Surely though, they were referring to music producers, not retailers.., as far as i know, iTunes don't actually make music. Also, iTunes are harldy breaching copyright or whatever law the band claim Apple has broken (certainly this 'deal' doesn't sound like a legally binding document, more a polite request by a judge in the early nineties), the logo is almost completely different (albeit an apple ) Also, the Beatles have filed a complaint about ' iPods, iTunes and the iTunes store' not, it seems Apple itself..
    I say this as both a Beatles fan and a confused critic..

    And a couple of questions if anyone can answer them?
    -Did the Beatles ever file a complaint against Apple as a whole? Or was it just that now they sell music, that they have a problem with a company having their own logo?
    EDIT: apparently they did in '91 which was when this 'deal' took place'
    -and..Is the judges name actually Mr Justice A. Mann; or is that just a protection thing?
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