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Thread: Half-Life 2 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3?

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    Half-Life 2 coming to Xbox 360 and PS3?

    Two stores are listing Half-Life 2 for pre-order, despite Valve's dissapointment with the Xbox version.

    Check out the Headline for more info.

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    The headline says "Valve have already expressed their dissapointment at the sale of the Xbox version of the game"

    But i remember when the Xbox first came out nearly everyone i know who had an Xbox had a PC too but were saying to me that they would get it on Xbox rather than PC.

    But the Xbox version came out so much later the hype had died down and most of them bought it on the PC instead or not at all.

    As the old saying goes they should have "struck while the iron is hot"

    They will need to give us a lot of incentive to want to buy the game again, and or Hype up the interest for Xbox360, PS3 owners who have not heard of the game to make them really want to buy it.

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    Wouldn't the PS3 need to exist first?
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