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Thread: AMEX M505-BDR - Core 2 Duo Blu-ray-burner MCE PC due Aug 28

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    AMEX M505-BDR - Core 2 Duo Blu-ray-burner MCE PC due Aug 28

    Next month's Berlin Radio Show - the International Funkausstellung (IFA) - running Sept 1-6, is shaping up to be a massive event and the European launchpad for the two competing next-generation, high-def DVD formats, Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. We'll bring you all the news from the show floor but Hong-Kong-based AMEX DIGITAL is promising Blu-ray availability even before IFA kicks off.

    Although AMEX will be showing at IFA, it says that August 28 is the in-store date for the product it will be pushing in Berlin, the M505-BDR - a Core 2 Duo media-centre PC fitted with a Blu-ray Disc burner. Also featured are an integrated HDMI-compliant ATI X1600 GPU, 4GB of DDR2 RAM and 1.5TB of SATA hard-disk space.

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