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Thread: Phantasy Star Universe - Join the Xbox 360 beta today

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    Phantasy Star Universe - Join the Xbox 360 beta today

    Gamers worldwide will be able to play the newest addition to the epic sci-fi Phantasy Star™ series during a free-trial beta download period that will run for until October 18th, 2006. Although Parm tells us he's having a problem downloading it.

    Check out the Press Release for more info.

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    I should clarify my statement a little bit, I didn't have any problems downloading it as such, it downloaded this morning really quickly.

    The problems lie with actually playing the game, I tried it around midday and all I got were error messages telling me I couldn't connect to the remote server. I gave up after about 10 minutes of trying.

    I've just checked a few other sites and it seems some people are indeed playing now but some seem to still be unable to connect. Being an online game, having trouble connecting is a pretty big issue. Should you find you can't connect your only other option is to quit the game!

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