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Thread: HEXUS.gaming :: Interview : Rainbow 6 - Vegas lead designer

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    HEXUS.gaming :: Interview : Rainbow 6 - Vegas lead designer

    We met up with the lead designer of Rainbow 6: Vegas to talk about the multiplayer aspect of the tactical shooter.

    Check out the HEXUS.gaming : Interview for more info.

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    R6-Vegas & Live Marketplace

    Thanks for an interesting article. As a long time Rainbow Six fan I'm really looking forward to this game—I own all the Xbox versions. The only thing that worries me is this
    HEXUS: We understand that you’ll be using the Xbox live marketplace in ways no other game has, can you give us more details?
    J.P: I still can’t reveal anymore on that. I’ll leave it to your imagination, but when you take a customisation system like we have in Vegas and you look at all the different possibilities, the marketplace options become phenomenally bigger. I’ll leave it at that.
    This really give me pause. It's acceptable to pay for extra maps that extend the life of an already satisfying game—it's something quite different to pay extra for in-game accessories, such as weapons and armour. It's especially concerning if bought accessories give players advantages in-game as opposed to simple cosmetic customisation. Oblivion and Chrome Hounds already allow the purchase of additional accessories for $ and it's not hard to see a time when you get only basic content with a game off the shelf and need to pay extra to get a decent experience.

    I really hope I'm just imagining the worst here, but if R6V exhibits exploitive Marketplace practices I'll think carefully about a purchase and many members of my clan will boycott the game altogether. After all it's not like there aren't a heap of great shooters imminent on the platform.

    Tread carefully, Ubisoft.

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