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Thread: ATi targets CeBIT for R600 launch - Willy Deeplung exclusive!

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    ATi targets CeBIT for R600 launch - Willy Deeplung exclusive!

    ATi is targeting February 14 - Valentine's Day - for getting R600 review samples into the hands of the press.

    ...the move to full production is going to be later still.

    Willy boy reckons that we should expect there to be a month or more in between times.

    That, of course, is logical enough since it brings us to a launch time-frame that coincides with Europe's top computer show, CeBIT, the Hannover exhibition kicking off on March 15 and running through to March 21.
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    No offense to anyone involved in this rumor, but anyone stupid enough to believe this should be euthanized immediately.

    AMD/ATI execs aren't this dumb. No company's execs are. There heads would be on silver platters at an emergency board meeting were such an event to occur, given the circumstances of R600's *already delayed* launch and AMD/ATI's financial situation.

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    Which bit are you finding hard to believe?

    That there should be a month between paper release and hard release? (not unusual, certainly non unprecedented). Or that they're doing a paper release as late as february? (also not surprising).

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    Read if you like for my reasoning why. Same username there as here. Sorry for no link, but I don't have 5 posts yet

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