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Thread: MyThings stuff-log-site - but will even anal-retentives bother?

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    MyThings stuff-log-site - but will even anal-retentives bother?

    You've got good insurance for your valuables but do you have a good enough record of what they are to fully claim your dues if your home gets burgled or burnt down?

    That, in essence, is the idea behind MyThings, a free-to-use web site that lets you keep a detailed online record of all your good stuff - whether it's consumer electronics kit, PCs and peripherals, household appliances, cars, collectibles, art work or anything else.

    Where we struggle is in the doing.

    Anal-retentives may already have good, if not totally secure, computerised records at home of all that they own but MyThings doesn't initially look to allow them to upload this information easily - each record has to be laboriously created by hand while online.

    First, choose your product category

    Find out more in this - and don't forget to tell us here what you think.

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    MyThings review

    Thanks Bob for taking the time to checkout the MyThings site.
    It's a new site - just released last week - so still early days.
    I like the idea of creating an online portfolio - without necessarily sharing it with anyone. You're right - you could have an excel sheet on google docs but you'd have to keep updating manually. I think the idea behind MyThings that with retailers like Tesco and Halfords you receive an email confirming your purchase, which you click on to populate your portfolio.

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